How we can help

We provide as much, or as little HR support as you need and like to keep it simple. We are flexible in the way we work and ensure our services match your requirements exactly. Please contact us to discuss your needs. Here is a little about what we do:


As your business grows, your product offering or services shift or legislation changes, for example, there will be a need to adapt which can have an impact on your workforce. Restructures, redundancies and changing terms can be necessary to achieve the overall goals and objectives. 

We take a strategic approach to this, looking at your organisational requirements in the longer term and creating a people plan to fit in with your goals. 

If you’re looking to acquire an organisation that already employs people, do be aware that the workers come with the business and as the new employer, you have legal obligations towards the individuals (known as TUPE). Allow us to manage this, sometimes complex process to ensure that you are not left at risk.

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